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  • HUGO
    Hugo is moving map software for UNIX platforms. Hugo can view maps in simple raster (XPM), vector, and TIFF formats. ESRI shape file support is in progress but not yet useful.
  • gvSIG
    gvSIG is a tool for handling geographical information. It has a friendly interface, and can access several (raster and vector) formats. It will integrate in a single view both local and remote data through WMS or WFS (WMS now working). It is meant for end-users of geographical information, and currently has Spanish, Valencian, English, French, and Italian interfaces.
  • GeoVista Studio
    GeoVISTA Studio is an open software development environment designed for geospatial data. Studio is a programming-free environment that allows users to quickly build applications for geocomputation and geographic visualization.
  • Virtual Terrain Project (VTP)
    The goal of VTP is to foster the creation of tools for easily constructing any part of the real world in interactive, 3D digital form. This goal will require a synergetic convergence of the fields of CAD, GIs, visual simulation, surveying and remote sensing. VTP gathers information and tracks progress in areas such as procedural scene construction, feature extraction, and rendering algorithms.
  • VGMap
    VGMap is a new library created by Eyebeam R&D that allows designers, developers, and mapping geeks to overlay data on top of Google Maps in a richer way than is possible using their standard system. It is called VGMap because it adds vector-drawing capability to the already-awesome GMap API.
    TOPAZ (Topographic Parameterization) is an automated digital landscape analysis tool for topographic evaluation, drainage identification, watershed segmentation and subcatchment parameterization. While TOPAZ is designed primarily to assist with topographic evaluation and watershed parameterization in support of hydrologic modeling and analysis, it also has application to a variety of geomorphological, environmental and remote sensing applications.
  • POPulation MAPper
    POPulation MAPper (popmap for friends) is a utility that creates population maps. Popmap will read from a configuration file the different sites and the weight of a certain type of population for each site. Then popmap will retrieve the best map for the set of sites from mapblast and draw dots in the given sites coordinates proportional to the weight of the population.
  • PloneMap
    A mapping application for Plone based on MapServer. It enables you to create interactive maps inside your Plone site. Web visitors can navigate the map and browse or edit geo-positioned data in a collaborative manner. PloneMap adds geographical representation on top of the powerful Plone content management system.
  • MapLab
    MapLab is a suite of effective and intuitive web-based tools to create and manage MapServer web mapping applications and map files. It consists of three components: MapEdit, MapBrowser and GMapFactory.
  • MapJunction
    MapJunction3D is the first web-based mapping system to combine fast display of maps, aerial photos and GIS information.
  • MapIt!
    MapIt! is a web-application that lets you navigate raster-maps through your web-browser and lets you zoom in and out and select objects and object classes that are identified on the map.
  • InterMap
    InterMap is an Internet mapping application that allows the user to combine interactive maps from distributed Internet Map Servers in a browser. InterMap supports OpenGIS WMS and ESRI-ArcIMS and can be fully integrated with the GeoNetwork Metadata portal.
  • GeoTools
    Geo Tools is a free Java based mapping toolkit that allows maps to be viewed interactively on web browsers without the need for dedicated server side support.
  • AvisMap Free Viewer Publisher's Description
The free AvisMap Viewer opens most GIS/CAD and raster image file types and most ArcView, ArcExplorer, and MapInfo projects. Besides just opening and viewing files, the Viewer supports an extensive list of features including visual layer properties control, legend control, thematic mapping, spatial and attribute querying, custom labeling, on-map measurements, hyper-linking, PDF export and much more. This software can be download here.
LookWMS is a Java Web Map Client with several unique features. LookWMS includes PDT by IDELIX, a virtual lens tool for more effective viewing and interaction with multi-layer data. LookWMS allows you to access and layer information from multiple servers, open GeoTIFFs, and work offline.
LookOUT is a great new add-in for Microsoft~ Outlook~ that enables you to easily map a location or find directions straight from your Outlook Contacts window. With a couple of clicks you can map a location, find directions from one contact to another, and search for products or services in a specific area.
Spatial Console is the ultimate tool for controlling data in an Oracle Spatial environment. The product enables users to import shapefiles into Oracle Spatial or Locator with control over metadata, database constraints, feature history, versioning and coordinate rounding. Exporting from Oracle to several formats is also supported. The import and export facilities of Spatial Console can be conducted in batch mode via the command line if required.Designed for everyday data management, Spatial Console also delivers a fully functional visualisation tool providing navigation, layer management, symbology control and feature selection via both spatial and attribute queries. Users will also have the power to validate Oracle Spatial or Locator features as well as the associated metadata and indexes through Spatial Console.
  • SAGA System for an Automated Geo-scientific Analysis is a free Geographical Information System (GIS). One can understand SAGA as a geographic information system with a special 'Application Programming Interface' ( API ) for geographic data processing. This API makes it easy to implement new algorithms and exempts the developer from hassle programming overhead like user-interface design or file-io. The SAGA API supports grid data like digital terrain models and satellite images, vector data, and tables. Since the release of SAGA there is a growing collection of SAGA-Modules, in areas of digital terrain analysis, geo-statistics, image processing and process simulation. SAGA is released under GNU Public License (GPL).AccuGlobe 2004 Digital Data Technologies (DDTI) and GeoMicro have made AccuGlobe 2004 available for free download. The product is built on GeoMicro’s AltaMap components. AccuGlobe 2004 contains many GIS features such as feature editing, charts, smart labeling, web updates and creating project files. The primary purpose of AccuGlobe is to provide a mapping platform for organizations or people that have previously been unable to use GIS software because of the expensive license fees.GIS Database ToolsGeospatial Explorer (Trial) Geospatial Explorer has been written to enable geologists, environmental scientists, and engineers to apply innovative science and technology to enhance and expedite the reduction of risk to human health and the environment. Geospatial Explorer permits the user to identify, understand, and solve complex environmental problems better, faster, and cheaper.Geostatistics Package As part of Cyze & Associates' support for Geostatistical Analysis, Cyze & Associates provides a free Geostatistics package that compliments Geospatial Explorer by providing an interface to the SAGE 2001 variogram reports and GSLIB 2.0 kriging and simulation executables.FIELDS 3-D Viewer In an on going effort to support FIELDS Version 2.0, Cyze & Associates shall continue to offer download and registration for FIELDS Sample 3-D Viewer 2.1.7.Natural Neighbour for ArcView As part of Cyze & Associates' support for Developers, Cyze & Associates provides Natural Neighbor binaries and ArcView 3.x extensions free to our developer community.sdts2dem: a Translator for STDS DEM Files  
 (Version 0.018: April 29, 2002). The sdts2dem program translates USGS DEM files from STDS format to "native" format. It is in the public domain and may be freely redistributed.SIGISA Freeware version of Geomatique SIGISCO integrated vector/raster GIS and remote sensing application running under Windows (95/98/NT/ME/2000). It features satellites image processing, raster and vector spatial analysis, geographically linked database management, mapping and 3D surface rendering & animation.
The RAD MBBuilder 1.5 gives an opportunity to shift from the traditional programming interface elements in MapBasic commands to their visual design.
microOLAP MapInfo Callback Manager is the ready-to-use inproc COM server solution allowing to implement MapInfo Callbacks.
A comprehensive GIS development toolkit, with more than 2,000 functions and properties. The DK is offered as a Borland Delphi/C++ Builder/Kylix VCL library, and is an ActiveX component for compatibility with Visual Basic, Visual C++, and scripting languages. The DK can be used to create an application that compiles into a single executable file, is free of Dynamic Library Links, compatible with a wide range of data formats (SHP, EOO, MIF/MID, TAB, DXF, DGN, TIGER, TIFF, JPG, BMP, SPOT, and TatukGIS PixelStore), royalty-free, and provided with full source code.
An ASP component for the creation of web-based GIS solutions. As the interactive map samples on this website demonstrate, the IS internet-publishes both vector and raster data, and supports rich interactive GIS functionality via HTML or WAP browser. The IS shares the same architecture as the DK, supporting the same 2,000+ functions and properties and compatibility with the same wide range of data formats.
ArcExplorer is a lightweight GIS data viewer developed by ESRI. This freely available software offers an easy way to perform basic GIS functions. ArcExplorer is used for a variety of display, query, and data retrieval applications and supports a wide variety of standard data sources. It can be used on its own with local data sets or as a client to Internet data and map servers.
New viewing environment for working with a variety of data, including imagery, vectors, and graphical bitmaps.
 SPANS Observer allows you to display, query, annotate and create slides of your SPANS data. It is an excellent package for quick desktop presentations.
GRASS GIS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality that operates in the UNIX environment through a graphical user interface and shell in X-Windows. It is released under GNU GPL.

The following products are available for Free download. Registration is required before downloading.

    • ERDAS Viewfinder
    • ERDAS ViewFinder is a free viewing tool with basic image viewing and manipulation capabilities, including the ability to Display, Continuously roam, rotate and zoom the displayed imagery to any display scale, Spatially query image files prior to exporting, Overlay, etc.
      • MapSheets Express v1.3 
      • MapSheets Express is the FREE viewing and mapping tool from ERDAS, for working with imagery and vector map data.
    • NAPIS Lite
    • NAPIS integrates geographic information system (GIS) technology using ESRI's Map Objects, which allows text-field database tables to be related to spatial features on computer-based maps.
    • ArcExplorer
    • ArcExplorer is a lightweight GIS data viewer developed by ESRI. This freely available software offers an easy way to perform basic GIS functions. Two versions are available : ArcExplorer 2 (Windows edition) and ArcExplorer 3 (Java edition).
    • TNTlite
    • MicroImages provides TNTlite as a free version of TNTmips, our professional software for geospatial data analysis.
    • WinQuery for WinGIS Evaluation Version
    • The Evaluation Version has all the functionalities of WinQuery Standard and comes with an evaluation license-key, which allows you to try the software for a period of 30 days free of charge, before purchase.


       MapIt is a web-application that lets you navigate raster-maps through your web-browser and lets you zoom in and out and select objects and object classes that are identified on the map.
    • Dime
    • Dime is a C++ class library for reading, constructing, manipulating, and writing DXF file data. The name is an acronym for DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export library.

AGIS for Windows

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