Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  1. Where is the Library located?

The Library and Information Centre of Harokopio University is located on the right side of El. Venizelou or Thiseos street, if you’re coming from the centre of Athens, at number 70, at the next block from the post office. More specifically it is located on the 4th floor of the Evanthia Petroutsi-Harokopu building.

  1. How can I get to the Library?

  • From Sintagma square you can take the bus 040 and exit at the Harokopou stop.

  • From Sintagma square you can take trolleys no1 and no5 and exit at the Harokopou stop.

  • From Piraeus, you can take the bus 040.By the electric railway. Exit at stop Tavros and follow the exit to Kallithea


  1. What hours the Library is open to the public?

Winter Hours (15/9-15-7): Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm

Summer Hours (16/7-14/9): Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:00pm

For any changes in the operating hours of the Library and Information Centre announcements are posted both in the Library and the University area, as well as on the Library’s website under the tag “Announcements”.

  1. Are there any restrictions on the items I can bring to the Library?

In the main area of the Library, you can not bring your bags. Before entering you have to lock your personal belongings in the lockers found at the entrance of the Library. After locking your things you keep the key for as long as you are in the Library area. In case you need to exit the Library area you have to leave the key to the Library’s staff. Also, coffee, beverages, smoking and cell phones are not allowed in the Library.  

  1. How can I see if the Library has a book?

You can search for the book at the Online Public Automated Catalogue (OPAC) (*gre) of the Library or ask the Library’s staff for the certain book. 

  1. Can I borrow a book if I’m not a member of the University?

No, you can not borrow books but you can study them in the Library area or you can make photocopies of them. 

  1. Is there the possibility of using photocopy machines in the Library area?

There is a photocopy machine available to the public. The machine operates with magnetic cards. You can buy the cards from the Library. There are 2 card types:

  • 25 photocopies: 1 euro
  • 50 photocopies: 2,50 euro
  1. How can I find a journal in the Library?

You should first consult with the printed alphabetical catalogue of the Library, in order to certify that the journal exists in our collection.

All journals are catalogued in our automated catalogue so you can browse them electronically.

The back issues of print journals are alphabetically arranged at the peripheral libraries beginning from the Greek journals. On the display cases that are separated by department, you can find the current issues of the print journals.

  1. Can I order an article that the Library does not have?

The Library and Information Centre of Harokopio University is a member of the National Network of Science and Technological Libraries and provides users with the ability to order articles from other local libraries. The service is provided also for external users.

To order an article you have to fill up a form and your order will be handled by the Library.

  1. Does the Library have computers available for the public?

 In the Library area, you can find computers available for searching at the electronic catalogue.

  1. Does the Library offer any training to the members?

 The Library and Information Centre at the beginning of every academic year organizes training seminars for users: first-year students, graduate students or any other member of the academic community interested in participating.

At the seminars the users are introduced to the Library staff, are presented with the Library’s services and the best ways to use the available information sources are analyzed.

  1. Can I have access to the Internet from the Library’s area?

 Yes, from the Library’s area users can have access to the Internet.

  1. Can I print any material from the computers in the Library?

 For the time being that possibility is not provided.

  1. Can I have access to the Library’s resources from my home?

Yes, you can have access to the Library’s resources from your home. The remote access to the databases and to the electronic journals is provided via the institutional codes and the VPN service. 


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