Photocopies - Photocopy Policy


In the Library’s and Information Centre area there is a specially designed place with three photocopy machines for the convenience of the users, depending on the category they belong.


One photocopy machine is for use by the instructors of the University and by the Library and Information Centre and operates with code numbers. The right to use the code have the faculty members (DEP, EEDIP, ETEP) and teachers with the PD 407/80. The code number is provided by the Library and Information Centre after application and the right to photocopy up to 1000 pages per semester from the non loanable Library’s material (Journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.). The code for the machines is strictly personal and can not be transferred.


Two photocopy machines are available for the students. The undergraduates and the postgraduates have the right to photocopy – after obtaining the necessary card from the Library’s staff – the non loanable material of the Library and Information Centre (Journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.). Loanable books may not be photocopied, except if they belong to a collection closed by the instructor after his request.

External users

External users of the Library and Information Centre have the right to photocopy the material they are interested in, after they are provided with the necessary card.

The cards for the use of the photocopy machines are provided by the Library and Information Centre.

The cost of the magnetic cards for the photocopy machines is determined by the Library Committee.

Responsible for the compliance with the copyright law are the users.


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